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BridgeMed for Providers

Offering health payment solutions.

BridgeMed QuickPay

Why wait to get paid? Collect your money up front. With BridgeMed QuickPay, patient balances are received without delay. By improving rates of collection, providers will increase cash flow and reduce accounts receivable. BridgeMed is 100% non-recourse and has no fees, no interest, and no prepayment penalty. BridgeMed absorbs all of the risk.

BridgeMed’s proprietary scoring model determines patient risk, enabling us to accept a much larger pool of patients, which directly boosts provider revenue.

Increase cash flow

Improve patient satisfaction

accessible anytime from any device

Receive payments within 24-48 hours

BridgeMed QuickPay

At BridgeMed, we understand the stress that outstanding payments can cause for your patients. For patients who are struggling with payment management, BridgeMed is here to help. Stop chasing patients month-after-month while leaving them with negative sentiments surrounding your medical facility. Here is the BridgeMed advantage:



Easy patient setup

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